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[span3][title_box title=”The Company” custom_class=”about-title”][/span3]
[span3][title_box title=”About us…” subtitle=”Toki Technologies” custom_class=”about-title1″] Toki Technologies is an e-business that does computer hardware sales and provides web and software services. Software services include both installation and support of vendor software and customised software development to meet the varying needs of customers in small and medium business sector. [/span3]
[span3][title_box title=”Vision…” custom_class=”about-title2″] Levelling the economic playing field [/span3]
[span3][title_box title=”Mission Statement…” subtitle=”Toki Technologies” custom_class=”about-title1″] Empowering small business to become big players in the sectors of their trade. Securing an online identity for individuals and organizations. Improving communication through social networks, also instil a culture of continuous improvement in beating standards of customer satisfaction and efficiency and we are looking to creating a long term relationship with our clients. [/span3]
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